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By | February 17, 2020

From rent to bill and salary, almost all payments are processed online. If you do not have an account, you can quickly get into trouble, both professionally and privately. For consumers with a negative credit rating, it is therefore important to open an account despite Credit Bureau. When comparing current accounts without Credit Bureau, we clearly show the costs of the different banks. Top current account without Credit Bureau:

Current account without Credit Bureau

Current account without Credit Bureau

To open an account without Credit Bureau is very difficult in the Federal Republic and is offered by hardly a house bank. When comparing current accounts without Credit Bureau, we clearly present the expenses of the individual banks. 3 cash receipts, 2 cash advances, 18 cash advances, P-account, setup fee spread over 2 years.

It is assumed that the account without Credit Bureau generates a turnover of at least $ 100 or is used as a payroll account. Otherwise – very fair – 0.99 per calendar month and only the first three cash withdrawals are included. All information without warranty. Anyone looking for a current account without Credit Bureau, has certainly already encountered various providers in the network who pronounce one.

These are either bank accounts with banks in the neighboring country (these are not listed in our reconciliation), but to which no German entrepreneur transfers their income (social benefits are also transferred exclusively to German current accounts) or there are one or two private credit institutions in the country Federal Republic of Austria, which not only require a lot of money for the account management without Credit Bureau, but also for every single booking.

The current account accounts are managed as prepaid accounts.

The current account accounts are managed as prepaid accounts.

Also, giro and credit cards are only available on a credit basis. If your current account at Credit Bureau has been dissolved because of a negative Credit Bureau or private bankruptcy, you should follow our recommendations (see above) – there you will be gladly accepted despite your history and are in the best hands. Your bank account is dissolved at the Credit Bureau. Already in 1995, the Central Loan Committee (today “The German Banking Industry”) gave the banks and savers an opinion on the “current account for everyone”.

Accordingly, credit institutions should set up a credit-based current account for each consumer, regardless of profession or income. Even with over-indebtedness, Credit Bureau and Harz district. For example, since the beginning of 2012, there has been an account for all people under the title of “Citizen Account” for low-income and negative Credit Bureau, and due to regional differences, we have not been able to include the bank in our “no-Credit Bureau” checking account.

The account management is based on credit (otherwise this is not possible with a current account without Credit Bureau). This account contains a giro card (formerly debit card) and becomes like an ordinary account. Most banks also have a prepaid credit card (Master Card), which you can transfer online from your account.

Note: One account for all is not a P account. In the juxtaposition “Current account without Credit Bureau” (see above) you can find out what conditions are possible. To prevent this, you should turn your account into a P account. In summary, the situation for people with Credit Bureau problems has improved significantly in recent years.

At least with the check accounts. The fact that a current account without Credit Bureau is now to be opened to all has contributed to the network and new regulations by the police. However, there are still many suppliers who offer inflated prices.

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